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Hi, I’m Elham (pronounced ill-huhm). I'm a learning experience advisor and coach with a decade of experience in instructional and human-centered design, health equity, UX research, and project management in public health, healthcare, and digital health.

A few months ago, I realized that my clients struggled with understanding the overwhelming sea of information and technical jargon when it comes to designing and scaling learning cultures that contribute to a strong, high-performing learning culture.

I created this newsletter so I can share what I know and help increase people’s confidence and connection to their work, teams, and communities through impactful anti-racist education and learning experiences.

I write about learning science, behavior change, and antiracist learning culture. I bring you a dose of humor with my very own Spudnuts Comics. Subscribe to get the newsletter directly in your inbox!

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Imagine a Venn diagram of 3 circles intersecting: learning culture, antiracism, and human-centered design in public health and healthcare.


Elham Ali
Hi, I'm Elham. I'm a health equity advisor and host of the Unmuted Podcast. I'm doing my doctorate in health equity and social justice.